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Our fiber journey began with one bred ewe in the front seat of the truck. If you can imagine it, it probably happened on the floor of my husband's pickup. Through gritted teeth he said, "I hope you know who will be cleaning that up." And so our farm/fiber story began. Within three years our little farm had grown to 75 breeding ewes, Highland Cattle, meat birds, pasture pork and the most insanely orange yolk eggs you have ever had the pleasure to eat from our free-range egg layers. We also opened a fiber-processing mill on site and an Artisan Gallery where cooperatively with our local artisans we worked together through our tourist season to deliver fine artwork from Downeast Maine and the opportunity to reconnect to a farm and fiber community. Truly what I would call the "good ole days." As you can guess, the farm is much smaller with only the 9 ewes pictured above simply because I just can't let them all go yet. These ewes represent 5 generation of grass-fed breeding. They have awesome fleeces and typically take care of themselves until the snow flies. One day the right person will come along and hopefully the cycle will continue.

Today, we take great pride in how we have grown as Done Roving Yarns. We cling to those original organic habits and operate as close to a no chemical process as possible everyday. Our bases are spun from fiber that grazed here in the United States and raised by a local farmer and specifically spun to our specifications to create our Frolicking Feet bases in fingering, DK and worsted weights. The superwash process is performed in this country and we create our products with you the knitter/crocheter in mind to complete the process and send to your LYS. This is all done while maintaining a two-week turnaround which we have been able to maintain for the last 4 (four!) years.