"Our Colors Speak Louder than Words"

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a vibrant, happy yarn of the finest quality for our customers, with a focus on using domestic fibers. Our goal is to continue creating beautiful yarns that truly do "Speak louder than Words." We focus on fresh and repeatable colorways. Try our products! You will be glad that you did.

Due to some marketing and pricing increases, Done Roving Yarns will be forced to remove some previously wholesale items that were available in your LYS. As a retail consumer, these products will be sold to you directly via yarninthebox.com. We are working on this change now. If you are part of the Yarn In The Box mailing list you will be notified directly. If not, please sign up and be part of the Yarn In The Box family. Yarn In The Box -- Online Ordering

Available Now for Retail Consumers----Monochromatic Gradients & DK Gradients 350 yards

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Done Roving Yarns

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